Queen Amberlee of Barkis


Eyes that can pierce into your soul and a silver tongue given by the king of hell himself. These are but a few weapons in the Queens arsenal. Queen Amberlee has always been blessed with natural good luck, her long slim legs compliment her hourglass shaped hips. Her blood red hair is a beauty of its own. Only to compliment her beautiful figure even more she stands at a graceful 5’8. She carries an elegant fan with the tip of the fan armored with tiny little serrated golden blades.


No one knows how old Queen Amberlee really is, most believe that she is in her mid-20’s from how young and beautiful she looks. Anyone who had studied under a scholar before knows that she has been Queen of Barkis for 43 years now, so they believe that she started her rule when she was in her 20’s and now should be in her 60’s. There is no history records talking of how she came to take the throne, most of the old citizens can’t recall anything past the time Queen Amberlee took the throne. Her biggest mistake was not ordering the Vigilante of Selvis to kill the human child they took under their care, for that boy would one day become King Helios of Selvis. She would forever regret that mistake, but chooses not to dwell on it now that King Helios has established Selvis as a Kingdom. When speaking with her people about the Queen it almost seems kind of eerie of how devoted they are to her. They speak of her great deeds, looks and power as if they believe she was a god. Regardless of all though there definitely is more then meets the eye when it comes to the Queen.

Queen Amberlee of Barkis

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