King Leo of Hylmwreck


Leos long hair has always had streaks of white in it even as an infant. His charming look and smile can make most women melt into a puddle. If that doesn’t work his way of words make him seem even more irresistible. Most would describe him as a boy toy, those who have fought with him before know better though. Behind his looks is a fierce man ready to preserve Toryns Kingdom. Leo is always seen in his black tinted leather armor crested with the sign of Hylmwreck on its back. He prefers not to wear the crown saying that he is not the true leader of Hylmwreck. His arsenal doesn’t look to impressive, only a few daggers can be seen on his belt.


The people of Hylmwreck say that Leo plotted against his brother King Toryn to take the throne, they say that the group of assassins that broke into the palace were hired by Leo. Knowing that the people are untrustworthy of him he stays in his quarters day in and out, this just causes the people to distrust him even more. Leo insist that Ciel well be taking the crown when she comes of age though. Leos childhood was much different though, Toryn always coming to his rescue whenever he was picked on by the other children. Leo was never the warrior his brother was, he did excel with the ladies when he grew. Every night he would bed a different lady, Leo would always joke of how he got his fathers good looks and Toryn got his strength. The night of the attack Leo was nowhere to be found, his presence was completely absent, he pleads that he was in bed with Lady Elenor. When he did find out about what happen though to his brother he rushed to his side and mourned. He swore to himself he would do all in his power to bring Ciel to be a great woman one day.

King Leo of Hylmwreck

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