King Helios of Selvis


A sturdy jaw, rough yet handsome face is all you need to be King is what some people believe King Helios would agree in some way, although he believes having the will of fire is what really makes you a King. Long blonde hair that reaches all the way down his back, a beard as thick as the forest of din!! Plated armor and a fur coat crested with the holy sign of Selvis. King Helios stands at a towering 6’7 most of the men who fought alongside and even against joke that secretly King Helios is a bear in disguise of man. Seeing him in battle would explain why his men joke like that. As he frenzy’s from foe to foe it almost seems like his WarAxe and Longsword are the cloaks of a ferocious beast claws.


Everyone knows the story of King Helios, his father was the leader of a small village. One day the village was murdered and ransacked for all its worth by a group of Orc knights serving under the orders of Queen Amberlee of Barkis. His father was slain right in front of his eyes, then he was forced to watch everyone in his village be hung one by one, of course with an exception that being Helios. At the time Helios was but a boy and had not been taught how to fight, yet the Orcs could see he would one day be a fierce warrior. The Orc Knights known as the Vigilantes of Selvis took him with them and raised under their own. Many years after Helios grew into the man he is now, Helios had become the leader of Vigilantes of Selvis. The same woman who ordered to take his father’s life was threatening to take his new family. Helios decided to take all who chose to side with him and flee into the Plains of Selvis which at the time was filled with marauders. Slowly Helios gained the help of the marauders that filled his soon to be land. After years of plotting Helios staged war with the Kingdom of Barkis, he was determined show Queen Amberlee that not everyone was willing to put up with her ruthlessness. In the end Helios went from leader of the Vigilantes to King of Selvis.

King Helios of Selvis

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