Ciel Heir to Hylmwreck & Taff the Guardian


Ciel looks very mature for her age, her eyes that seem to gleam even in the dark and her tribal tattoos covering her face are what make her seem so mature. Long brunette smooth hair that reaches down to her shoulders and pale white skin are the sign of a flower bud ready to become a beautiful flower. She is often wearing fur coats going past her height of 3’4 . It is said that each tattoo on her marks the villages she is sworn to protect.

Taff is Ciels mount but she considers him to be her brother. He is a small little Fleshraker with white scales and green eyes with no visible pupils. His tongue can dart out a whole feet, usually when out and about he hunts for flies using his tongue to grab them. Standing at full length Taff reaches at 8’9 tall for his which is beyond average for his age. Taff is mostly seen with Ciel being carried by him around the palace.


Ciel is the Heir to the throne of Hylmwreck but until she comes to age her uncle Leo well assume the role of King. She being child knows not of the power that her uncle holds. The Riders of Rakes make sure that Leo acts upon the interest of Ciel though. Her mother Lilia gave birth to Ciel and died right afterwards giving her daughter whatever life she had left. Ciels father Toryn died during combat as his palace was attacked by a group of halflings assassins. When word reached Leo he grieved and mourned for the loss of his brother and sister-in-law.

Taff was born from the Queen Fleshraker that was tamed by The Riders of Rakes, The Riders decided as a gift for Lady Ciel and the passing of her father they would present Taff to her. The second the toddler Ciel saw her new companion she bonded with him. Taff and Ciel have grown in each others company ever since, never leaving each others side. Ciel and Taff both grew to see their relationship as brother & sister more then owner and pet.

Ciel Heir to Hylmwreck & Taff the Guardian

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